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Infant Care

For age8-18 months.

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Early Years

Duration: 18months to 30 months Pre-Nursery:2.5 to 3 years Nursery 1: 2.5-3 years old and above

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PreSchool Years

Nursery2: 3 to 4 years old Kindy Nursery 1: 2.5-3 years old and above

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Prep Class

5 to 6 years old and above A 6 month enhance preparation course focusig on transition to primary and formal schooling duriing the last semester of the Kindy year

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Bilingual Literacy& Language Arts

Bilingual literacy is the notion of going beyond being orally proficient in two language to becoming highly fluent in speaking, reading, and writing.

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Computer Learning& Music Appreciation

Critical thinking skills can be developed out of teaching your kids the basic computer skills and Music ignites allowed child development and skills for school readiness

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The Little Tree House is the Global Preschool offers an award winning curriculum, specially designed for innovative and exploratory learning amongst children.

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What parents say..

Mrs Shirlyn Puey
Aaron Puey's Mother

We will miss you very much when Aaron starts primary school. Through you, Aaron has learned his ABCs and latest local news. Through you, Aaron has enjoyed poetry and the arts. We are truly grateful for the constant patience your sincere teachers have provided us. Keep up the good work!

Neo SUZUKI's mother

Neo spent a year in LTH. When he joined LTH, he could not communicate in English at all. I am sure it was not easy for him, but teachers made a great effort for him to feel comfortable, and fun. So he slowly but surely, built his confidence to communicate, and learn in English and Chinese.

Ethan’s mother

He had been with LTH since he's 21 months old. From a cry baby to the current confident boy, he had also gained lots of knowledge.Teachers are always there to share their knowledge with him, he had grown to be less choosy over food which the teachers had put in great effort to assist him in accepting new food.